Our live, fast-paced TV-style game shows include entertaining, comedic emcee & host who will call guests up in groups of eight to play the game. Once on stage, it’s a fantasy come true when they play a real game show just like the ones they see on TV. Although we do not copy TV game show formats exactly, we have game shows similar to those on TV, such as Family Feud, Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy & Millionaire, as well as our general trivia, themed trivia or name that tune. Our game shows are action-packed interactive fun for everyone including the audience. 

Our host involves the crowd in the action and makes them feel as though they are part of the show. Two hours is the maximum recommended running time, but for day-long events such as seminars, festivals or trade shows, shorter rounds can be played over many hours with breaks between each round. We provide complete production that includes: 8 game show player podiums with microphones, illuminated auto scoring & buzzers, PA system, large projection screen, elaborate backdrops, stage lighting, announcer & technician to run show system. Complete show customization available to best suit your or your clients needs

Experience the world of Virtual Reality with friends and colleagues as you work together to accomplish a common goal. You will see your team members in the same virtual world and be able to assist them in the many VR challenges we have to offer. Don’t let your team members down as you work together to survive the zombie hordes.